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My order has been canceled on Aliexpress, what happened to my purchase? [2022]

If your Aliexpress order is canceled and you do not know the reason why it is so, there are different causes that may have caused this status. Solve your doubts about canceled SHEIN orders in this article.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

Aliexpress has its own rules regarding the movement of orders within its APP. But if it is the first time that you have found an order as canceled, surely you have wondered if you have canceled it inadvertently. But there are circumstances where sellers or even the platform may have canceled your order.

Order cancellations are not usually something common and that is why they are little known. If you want to know the causes and how to fix it, pay attention to what I explain in this article.

Why has my order been canceled on Aliexpress?

There is not only one reason why your order may have been canceled on Aliexpress, but there are several, although it is not easy to know for sure which of all the causes it is if Aliexpress does not confirm it. However, the general causes of cancellations are:

  • Your order has arrived in your country but at Customs it has been returned to the country of origin. It is not usually normal for an order to be held in customs, but it is a possibility that you should consider. If the package tracking stopped at customs, it is most likely that it has returned to the warehouse. In this case you will not have to pay anything.

  • They forgot to pick up your order. If your order has been lost during the shipping process because the delivery person has not picked it up, your order will appear as cancelled.

  • Aliexpress has canceled the order because it is not safe. Aliexpress platform may have canceled your order because it has suspended the seller for some bad action. However, it is not usually normal since Aliexpress has a high security with its sellers.

  • The seller cancels the order. If there is no stock of the product, that is, the seller has run out of the product, then he will cancel the order because he cannot send it. It is also possible that the seller is on vacation and cannot ship any order in the expected time.

    If the seller has other problems like shipping difficulties, he can also cancel your order.

  • Your username is insecure. If Aliexpress determines that any of your information is not true or your purchase history on the platform is fraudulent, then it will proceed to cancel all your orders.

What do I do if my Aliexpress order has been cancelled?

When your Aliexpress order has been cancelled you have several options that you can put into practice:

  • Just wait for your money to be refunded. Whatever the reason for which Aliexpress or the seller has canceled your order, the money will be returned to you and this will happen even if you do not request a refund. It is an automatic action of the platform. But if it doesn't happen you can always contact Aliexpress.

  • Open chat with the seller and ask him what is happening with the order. The seller will be able to explain to you the reasons for having canceled the order and it was he who did it, however, if he has not canceled it, the reason will be known by Aliexpress and you should contact them.

  • Open the customer service chat to Aliexpress and ask them. Aliexpress knows everything that happens with the orders and if they have canceled the order or if it is the seller who has done it, then they will know.

    Contacting Aliexpress to find out the cause of a canceled order is the most recommended option. To contact Aliexpress you must log in to the web with your user and open the customer service chat and follow the instructions, selecting the order with which you have the problem and explaining your case.

  • Repurchase the product. You can buy the product again, it being advisable to buy the product from another seller. You can find many other sellers of the same product that will help you purchase your product again and not have cancellation problems with your orders.

When do I get my money back from my cancelled order on Aliexpress?

When your order is canceled Aliexpress has the obligation to return your money automatically, and make a refund by the same means by which you made the initial payment.

If your order has finally been cancelled, it is normal for Aliexpress to take a minimum of 7 to 15 working days to make the refund and for this money to reach your account.

In this case you should know that Aliexpress is reliable and you have to be patient because the fact that money transfers are international makes it take longer for the refund to arrive but there is the certainty that you will get your money.

It is always recommended to pay with Paypal to have another way to claim from Aliexpress if you did not receive your money even if you contacted Aliexpress customer service. Because Paypal would also mediate in the remote case that Aliexpress does not give you your money but it is not usually something that happens normally.

What to do so that my Aliexpress order is not canceled?

To prevent your Aliexpress order from being canceled, the most advisable thing to do, and because sellers are usually the cause of cancellations, because they are on vacation or do not want to ship, is that you select the seller very carefully. To do this, choose the sellers who have the most opinions on their best-selling products or who are most active in sending you offers because it means that they are active in sending you shipments and it is unlikely that they will cancel your shipment.

Do not buy during Chinese holidays, although they are not the same as those of other countries, in China we have the Chinese New Year in January or February and the national holiday the first week of October in which the sellers are not so active and can cancel orders because they are not working.

There are also other periods in which your Aliexpress orders can be canceled, such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday or 11.11 offers because deliveries are saturated and stock runs out, which causes shipping problems.